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Pricing a home is both an art and a science. It is based on both, up to the minute market info as well as historical sales of homes. We have evalualated thousands of homes for the nations largest lenders in an effort to show which homes are at risk of foreclosure based on market value.

It is extremely important to price your home correctly when it first hits the market. Some people will price their home too low and give away hard-earned equity. And some people will price their home too high and make it unattractive to a large pool of buyers. I will assist you in determining the "Right Price."


Simply enter your criteria below, and I will provide you with a speedy response. The more information given, the more accurate the evaluation. Our goal is to assist you in selling your home for absolute "top dollar." For a limited time we, will be providing sellers a free copy of 123 Sold DVD. This short DVD is easy to follow and will show you how easy it is to transform your home from livable to sellable! When first impressions are on the line, make your home shine!

Pricing your home is one of the most common errors sellers make in marketing their home. Pricing is both an art and a science in researching similar sold properties and analyzing the current competition. Prices fluctuate constantly and an improperly priced home can be compared to competing gas stations. With plently of availability of inventory, imagine two gas stations on competing corners. One is priced 15 cents higher than the other. All else being equal, where will you buy your gas? It takes a professional to monitor market conditions for you and advise you on market adjustments and when its in your best interest to make a move.

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