Property Management.... The Right Way

There are many homeowners that have an interest in turning their house into a rental property.  Many homeowners want to be “do it yourself” landlords that are successful in managing their investment properties. However, a larger population avoids the rental market due to fear, uncertainty, and the numerous tasks associated with the rental process.  At Marathon Real Estate we can assist you with navigating all aspects of the rental process.

Services We Can Provide:

  • Walking the property with you to identify and take care of any maintenance or cosmetic issues prior to marketing.
  • Recommendation of rental price based on market knowledge, prior rentals in your area and the demand of homes like yours.
  • Advertising your property on the Multiple List System as well as other major sources of rental leads.
  • Analyzing full rental applications based on income, cash, credit, job history and rental history.
  • Making recommendations on which tenant to select for your property.
  • Proper legal forms and leases/ addendums.
  • Ongoing property management.
  • Quarterly inspections with your tenant at your property.
  • Relentless collections efforts.
  • Recommendations for property improvements, quotes from qualified local contractors.
  • Representation as your property manager in court if needed.
  • Affordable fee structure.
  • If you don’t get paid, we don’t either!
  • Annual accounting of Income vs. Expense of your investment.
  • Flexible communication between property manager and you, the homeowner.


Let our professionalism help you to protect one of your largest assets! We keep you in compliance, maximize profitability to you, and take care of the details so you don’t have to!

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